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Download the I.S.G.S. Catalog in PDF format:

Note: We have discontinued regularly updating these PDF files since most people merely use the online catalog that is always current.  But, we left them here on this page because many of the items in these PDFs are still available.  Last update of these files was November 2010; hence new items after that date are not included, and some shown items are no longer available.

The I.S.G.S. Catalog in PDF format shows all of our stained glass supplies, tools, and glasses in a handy-to-use file that is useful for offline use with Acrobat Reader.

Note:  To download these PDF files to your hard drive's desktop for later offline use, you'll need to right-click these buttons (Macs: see page bottom), then Save Target As... to save to your destop.  If this is new to you, read How To Download Files From the Web at bottom of this page.

Note: Prices shown in these PDF's may not always be current.  Always check the online catalog before ordering. The online catalog always has current prices.

  Complete Catalog  (All Sections, excl. sections X & Z)
18 Mb


 A:  Index & General Information
150 K
 B:  Books & Magazines
2.5 Mb
 C:  Chemicals (Flux, Patinas, Putty, etc.)
320 K
 D:  Dome Frames & Hardwood Frames
460 K
 E:  Grinders, Saws, etc. (Powered Tools)
970 K
3.6 Mb
 H:  Bevels & Bevel Clusters
1.2 Mb
 I:   Gift Certificates - Available from $20-$500
260 K
 J:  Globs (Regular & Pre-Foiled)
390 K
 K:  Kits & Projects (3-D, NiteLights, Fan bases, etc.)
700 K
 L:  Lamp Forms, Kits, Lamp Parts
3.1 Mb
 M:  Metals (Cames, Solder, Foil, Reinforcements)
1.1 Mb
 N:  Complete Tool Kits
240 K
 P:  Patterns (Standard size from Patterns..Your Way!)
80 K
 Q:  Paints, Tapes, Pens, Chains, etc.
180 K
 S:  Mosaics (Patterns, Molds, Supplies)
430 K
 T:  Hand Tools (Shears, Cutting, Foiling, Irons, etc.) 
1.4 Mb
  You'll need Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 or newer) to open & view these PDF files.

  How To Download Files From the Web:
PC users: Right-click on the Download button, then select from the menu that appears: "Save Target as.." (Internet Explorer) or " Download Link to.." (AOL's browser) or "Save This Link as.." (Netscape). Next, a Save As dialog box will open. In this dialog box, first set the location where the file will be downloaded to be your desktop -- you do this by setting the "Save in:" menu box at top to "Desktop" -- click on the little triangle on right side of this menu box and find "Desktop" -- it's near the top of list of locations. When you've set the location to your desktop, click the "Save" button. That's it! When the file has finished downloading, find it on your desktop and merely double-click it.

Mac users: SysX: Control-click (Sys9: Click and hold) on the Download button, then select "Save This Link as.." (Netscape) or "Download Link to Disk" (Safari, AOL's browser) or "Save Target as.." (Internet Explorer). The approximate size of each file is shown right of button.

If you are new to downloading files from the web, click here:  How to Download Files


 If you need help getting, understanding, and using Adobe's Acrobat Reader, click here --> HELP!

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Laptops for the Wounded
Laptops for
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Sierra Stained Glass Studios
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and donated two stained
glass panels to their annual
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