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How to Place Orders at ISGS.COM

You enter your order while online by clicking one of the yellow "Online Catalog" links in the left menu to access our online catalog of stained glass supplies, tools, and glass.  A separate window will open to our Online Shopping Cart.  When you enter the Shopping Cart, you can search or browse our online catalog, and order the items you want by clicking the "$" Buy It button.  When done, just click the Check Out button at bottom of Cart page--it will take you to the Customer Information page: 

  If you already have an account with us: enter your Customer ID / Password, and update your customer information if necessary, and select the credit card you want to use from the list of those on file for your account.

  If you are a new customer: You can either create a new account online when you check out,  -OR- you can use the AccSetUp.pdf form to open an account with us and either mail or fax it to us.

Finally, you will be taken to the Order Summary page where you'll choose your shipment mode and credit card for your purchase. You will get an estimate of freight costs on the Order Summary page before you submit your order (US & Canada).  After submitting order, keep your browser window open until you get the "Thank You for Your Order" page--this will indicate your order has been successfully received.  Shortly afterwards you'll receive an Order Confirmation by e-mail.  That's it!

Note:  We accept no phone orders and answer no questions by phone.  Order online and if you have questions about your order or other matters, just e-mail your questions to us at:     We promise we'll have an answer to you within 24 hours, 5 days/week, and usually sooner.  (Phones provide no written record of conversations and are too error prone.  As our name implies, we handle communications via the "Internet ...", not the "Telephone ...".)

Frequently Asked Questions about Placing Orders

How do I pay for my order?

You will pay with a credit card submitted for each order. We accept no checks, money orders, nor make any COD shipments. And, unlike most web businesses that charge your credit card online as soon as you submit your order, we don't charge your card UNTIL your order is shipped, and then only for the items actually shipped plus the actual net freight costs. The tentative charge is pre-authorized OFFLINE on the morning it is planned for shipment, and the ACTUAL charges, including freight, are charged after shipment.

If your card should fail pre-authorization, the order will be cancelled and you will be notified by e-mail of the reason it failed pre-authorization and that you will need to re-submit your order. If your credit card will not process automatically for some reason and manual processing is required, a $1 manual processing surcharge will be added to your order's total charge. This can often be avoided by making sure you have correctly entered the card's billing address ( it should match EXACTLY as it shows on your card's monthly billing statement) if the billing address is different from the shipping address.

What if I have no credit card or checking account?

Our system is set up to only process credit cards and/or gift certificates. However, there is a way to allow you to place orders online in our shopping cart:  You would have to purchase a Gift Certificate for yourself, purchasing it by mailing us a check or money order for the funds.  We then will e-mail you the gift certificate 2 weeks after receipt of funds (when the check or money order has successfully cleared through the banking system.)  When you receive the Gift Certificate, you can use its funds for purchases.  Be aware that you must have sufficient funds left on a Gift Certifcate for each purchase, including any taxes, boxing charges, and shipping costs -- otherwise the order will be cancelled since any uncovered costs are normally covered by entering also a credit card.  Also, there is no way for us to refund any residual funds left after purchases.  We can only transfer those unused funds from an exhausted Gift Certificate to a new Gift Certificate.  But, if you are willing to continually purchase new Gift Certificates for future purchases, this system may work for you.  Mail your check or money order, in denominations of our normal Gift Certificates -- see Section I of online catalog, to our offices at: I.S.G.S., 1153 Yale Ave, Modesto CA 95350.

How are orders shipped?

We use United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground as the default shipping mode to the continental U.S. and Canada.  All other destinations, including foreign countries other than Canada, are shipped via UPS AIR modes. (Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service is offered as a selectable option at the customer's risk for lost or damage since we are unable to purchase insurance on mailed orders.)  All APO/FPO addresses are shipped either by Express Mail or Priority Mail. For more detailed information on shipping and packaging surcharges, click the "Shipping Info" link on left side of any page (under the "About ISGS...." link).  See above section on making a trial order for information on how to get freight cost estimate for your order.

How do I get a FREIGHT ESTIMATE for my order?

After ordering items, click the CART button, then the "Get Total Cost Estimate" link or button on that "Items in Your Shopping Cart" page.  This will allow you to get a freight estimate for various shipping modes.  Keep in mind that UPS charges separately for EACH box, so if you are ordering glass (shipped in its own shipper) AND supplies, for example, the estimate provided will assume these are shipped in separate boxes.  Each lite of glass weighs about 2 lbs. and boxing is usually 1 - 2 lbs./box.  (A glass shipper with 13 lites weighs 26-29 lbs; 20 lts. in a double-shipper, weighs 40-44 lbs.)

You can also get an estimate before ordering by noting the weight of items from our Online Catalog, and then clicking the "UPS - Get Cost Est." link on left side of our web pages.  Just follow the instructions after clicking the link to get your freight estimate.

How do I set up an account with I.S.G.S.?

Mail an Account Set Up form to us so your credit card is on file so you won't have to enter it on the web--we'll e-mail your account number back to you within 36 hours of its receipt, and when you receive it, you can shop. Click the "Set Up Account" link in the left frame for more information. To download a blank copy of the Account Set Up Form, click here:  ( AccSetUp.pdf ).

I need HELP placing an order .... Shopping Cart doesn't seem to work for me.

If you are having problems using our Shopping Cart, click here for a detailed discussion on browser requirements and other issues ----> Help!

What if I want to add, change, or delete items to my placed order.

If you want to add items to an earlier order that has not yet been processed, just place another order for just the additional items before the order cutoff time* using SAME customer account number and SAME shipping mode. Items from earlier unprocessed orders will AUTOMATICALLY be combined into this later order. The order confirmation sent to you for the most recent order will show the combined items and updated freight estimate.

*Order cutoff times are Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30 AM Pacific Time Zone (10:30 AM Eastern).

If you want to change or delete items, or cancel entire order, send us e-mail at , stating your order number, and the quantity and catalog number of items to be changed or deleted. We will gladly apply your requested changes up until 15 minutes before the order cutoff time. After this cutoff time we can't make changes to your order.

What if I did not receive an Order Confirmation by e-mail after placing my order.

This often is the result of submitting an invalid or incomplete e-mail address. The server did issue the Order Confirmation but it never got to you because of the invalid e-mail address. Complete e-mail addresses are needed for sending over the web, and are in the form of xxxxxx@dddd.ccc   If you did not receive an Order Confirmation within a few minutes of submitting your order, we suggest you check your account's e-mail address--see Updating your account information without placing an order on the Set Up Account page. If you don't correct your e-mail address before the order is shipped, you also won't receive your Shipment Confirmation or Invoice. (Note: Sometimes our mail server is down, but in these rare cases we try to manually confirm orders by e-mail.... but not as promptly.)

Special note for ISP's with 'SpamBlocker' programs, like Earthlink: Generally, these ill-conceived programs merely block spam by blocking most e-mail addresses not listed as OK by you. If you have Earthlink and use this program, you will have to add our e-mail address () to your list of acceptable addresses in order to receive Order Confirmations, Shipment Confirmations, Invoice (in PDF file format), etc. If mail is returned from your mailbox, we merely mark your customer account as having an INVALID ADDRESS and hence can not send you confirmations. Likewise, we can not reply to any letters from you.

Will I be notified if my order is delayed for some reason?

Yes. While we ship over 98% of all orders on the next shipping day*, occassionally we are out of stock on some items that will be arriving in a few days.  In these situations, we will normally hold the order for shipment on future shipping days if the item will arrive within a week.  We will advise you via e-mail of such delays.  If we believe the delay would be unreasonalble (over 1 week), we will ship the order incomplete rather than delay it unless you added Section's O item OOO1111 "SHIP ORDER COMPLETE" to the order.  If you want us NOT TO DELAY your order in these situations, see next section on how to specify "DO NOT DELAY", even when doing so will cause order to be shipped incomplete.  (*We ship on Mondays & Thursdays)

If only one item is ordered, and that item is unavailable, the order will be held until that item arrives.  You will be advised via e-mail on the original planned shipping day so you can let us know if you would rather cancel the order than wait for its estimated arrival date.

I need my order shipped without delay.  Is there way to request this?

Yes.  We understand that there are situations where you need your order to be shipped without delay even if the order would be shipped incomplete because of an out-of-stock item. (Example: you are starting a class and don't have the time to wait for next shipping day -- we ship on Mondays & Thursdays -- because an item is temporarily out-of-stock.)

To specify "DO NOT DELAY" for your order, do this: Go to section "O" of our catalog and order item "OOO0000" anywhere on your order.  Our order processing system is programmed to send the warehouse a "Do Not Delay" note on your order when you place this "dummy" item anywhere on your order.  Then, should an out-of-stock situation occur, your order will still be shipped on its original planned shipping day without the out-of-stock item.  (We ship on Mondays & Thursdays)

How can I.S.G.S. offer such low prices?

Because we don't accept phone orders, we don't have the overhead associated with staffing for phone sales. Our full color catalog is offered only in digital form (PDF files) so we have no printing costs. Also, the order processing costs are covered by charging just $3 per order for processing. This permits us to offer the lowest prices consistently. Your order confirmations are automatically e-mailed to you; and when shipped, you will be e-mailed a shipment confirmation with your invoice attached as a PDF file showing the total amount, including actual net freight, charged to your card.

Can I mail in or fax my order?

We accept no phone orders, but you can fax your order to our fax number, or mail an order to us. Because these manual orders require more handling, the processing charge for manual orders is $6 instead of the normal $3 for web orders. Download a Blank Order form in PDF format for faxing or mailing by right-clicking this link:  FaxOrder.pdf  You'll need Acrobat Reader to open and fill in the order form; then print. Sorry, but we accept no handwritten orders which are too error prone--only orders filled in using Acrobat Reader and then printed and faxed or mailed to us.

How is glass shipped?

Glass lites are 12" x 16" (33% larger than the normal 12" x 12") unless otherwise noted* and are shipped by UPS in a specially designed carton to guarantee they arrive unbroken. The carton holds up to 13 lites of glass.  You are charged for each carton (up to 13 lts/carton) needed for your order:  9-10 sheets:  $8; $8 for each carton needed for your order when it totals 14 or more sheets;  6-8 sheets and 11-13 sheets:  $9;  and for 1-5 sheets:  $10.  For orders with 14-26 lites, two cartons can be taped together and shipped as a single package to further reduce freight costs / sq.ft. (A carton with 13 lites weighs 26-29 lbs. Double cartons with 20 lites weigh 40-44 lbs.)

*Some glasses like Spectrum Waterglass colors, Armstrong, Kokomo, and Wissmach have odd full sheet sizes requiring us to offer our cut sheets in a slightly different size: Waterglass colors are 10" x 16" ±0.5" unless shown as 12"x16", Armstrong is usually 12" x 13.3" ±0.5" (some older lites are 10" x 16"), Kokomo is usually 10.66" x 16" ±0.5", and Wissmach is usually 10.66" x 14" ±0.5".  All sizes are clearly shown for each glass in the catalog Unit of Sale. Click the picture in the online catalog to see the sheet size for price shown.

How do I contact I.S.G.S. if I have questions?

Just click the Contact Us link in the left frame. This will open a pre-addressed e-mail letter. We will reply within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays). Our e-mail address for questions is .  (Note: We do not provide quotes, nor look for items for you.  Our online catalog is well organized by product sections as defined on the BROWSE page.  Just click the section for which you are looking for a product, or use the Search page.)


We don't backorder any out-of-stock items.  If ANY item shown as available when ordered is not shipped with your order, you are not charged the normal $3 order processing fee.  This way you can reorder without being charged another order processing fee.  Items that are temporarily unavailable are noted as such in the detailed item description -- their description begins with ***.  Ordered items that are shown as TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE in our online catalog are automatically deleted from your order when processed and will show on your invoice as " ***=Unavailable Item, DELETED ".

   We are a
Proud Sponsor of:

A website dedicated to teaching American Sign Language for communicating with the deaf.
A non-profit organization dedicated to offering help, hope and healing to abused, abandoned, neglected,
handicapped or otherwise
troubled children.

Laptops for the Wounded
Laptops for
the Wounded

A volunteer group started by a
mother of a returning soldier
from Iraq who was so grateful
for her son's safe return that
she wanted to help those less
fortunate in our VA hospitals.
ISGS donated a Sony PlayStation2 and 5 new
games for the wounded
soldiers in hospital.
A non-profit that allows you
to make $25 loans to low-
income entrepreneurs in the developing world.
Also known as Microfinance.
By doing so, individuals like
you provide affordable working
capital for the poor (money to
buy a sewing machine, tools,
livestock, water pump, etc.),
empowering them to earn
their way out of poverty.
A non-profit therapeutic
horseback riding program for
the benefit of people who are
physically, emotionally or
mentally challenged.
Sierra Stained Glass Studios
donated an 8' dome to the
Luther family episode of
Extreme Makeover:       
            Home EditIon
and donated two stained
glass panels to their annual
fund-raising auction.

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