About our old server with TLS1.1

Today's browsers no longer consider our server secure because of new security standards.   We chose not to spend the money to upgrade which would have required us to raise prices.

Hence, here's how to safely place your order:

1)  Click here to:   --->    ENTER OUR SHOPPING CART

2)  When you encounter browser's security messages, click as shown below:

For PC's:




For Mac's:





You may safely place orders and checkout with these options:
   1) Choose to enter your credit card information, or,
   2) Choose to have us call you for your credit card information, or,
   3) Fax us your credit card information using our Account Setup form.

We find it ironic that on a security check of our site last year for compliance, the security company made 185,000 attempts to breach our firewall without success.


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