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I.S.G.S. (Internet Stained Glass Supply) Stained Glass Supplies and Tools is the retail division of Sierra Stained Glass Studios, Inc. of Modesto, California, which has been in business since 1976. Our corporate office and studio is located in Modesto just east of San Francisco in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley -- the same valley that the mythical Barkley Ranch in the TV series "The Big Valley" was located.

Our I.S.G.S. web site is designed to be simple, fast, and straightforward. We've published our full-color catalog using Acrobat so you can easily download it in PDF format for later use off line using the free Acrobat Reader software.  (Note: Our I.S.G.S. division is strictly a mail-order business, and orders can't be picked up locally.)

Other divisions of our corporation include:

Patterns...Your Way! and The Dome & SupraDomes

For more information on our other products, click the links below to be taken to those separate web sites. The sites will open in new windows so this browser page will still be here when you're finished looking at them.

The Patterns...Your Way! ™ Web Site offers over 500 full-sized patterns for stained glass hobbyists printed in PDF format to exact size you need for your project.  (The pattern is e-mailed to you as a PDF file attachment.  You merely use Acrobat Reader to open and print the file to your printer using common 8.5x11 paper. Then, trim each page by cutting on the dotted lines and paste the pages together for the full-size pattern.)  You can download the entire full-color catalog of these 400+ patterns in Acrobat PDF format from the Patterns...Your Way!™ web site, or you can order the Patterns...Your Way!™ printed catalog from Section P of the I.S.G.S. catalog.  You order the full-sized patterns directly online, and you can even see how a custom-sized pattern will look before you decide to buy it. Click below if you want to visit the Patterns...Your Way!™ online catalog:

View the Patterns...Your Way! Catalog ONLINE in new window

Last Month's Pattern                                               This Month's Pattern:


If you'd like to view previous month's patterns, and learn how to get full-sized copies of them, click here:  Previous Monthly Patterns.

 Patterns...Your Way!™ Web Site

The Dome & SupraDomes are recessed dome frames for builders and hobbyists.  Each frame comes with full-sized patterns or templates for making the needed flat stained glass panels that make up the entire dome.  Frames are available in 4', 6', 6.7', 8', 10', and 12' sizes.  Lighting is provided above by using artificial lights in the soffit above the frame or natural light from roof-mounted skylights.  Additional dome patterns are available from Patterns...Your Way!

  The Dome™ & SupraDomes™ Site

Privacy Policy

All information you provide us about you is kept completely CONFIDENTIAL and will never be shared with, nor sold to, anyone else (except UPS & USPS for shipping your order).  Likewise, we will never phone, nor e-mail you except for providing information about a specific order you have placed, and, sending you monthly e-mails about our future specials only if you set up your account to request them.  (You choose your monthly mailing list preference when you open a new customer account.  It's preset to 'Yes'.  You can change this preference at any time -- click the "Set Up Account" link in menu on left to see: "Updating you account information..." under "Frequently Asked Questions.")  Our shopping cart's use cookies is limited to allowing you to restore items in your cart, expiring in 3 days.

I.S.G.S. Sales Policies

Internet Stained Glass Supply believes you, the customer, is our greatest asset...and we will treat you accordingly. We want you to be pleased with our service and products and our outstanding prices. We work very hard to earn your trust and to present accurate information on our site about our products. We believe in presenting promotional information in a straightforward and honest manner. As you will see, our products are name brands known for outstanding quality AND at very good prices--we don't sell misleading generic items that can be of inferior or questionable quality.

All merchandise is new and inspected before shipment. We have no minimum order amount. Each order is charged a $3 order processing fee regardless of what is ordered -- that's how we can keep our prices so low! Because we have no backorders, if any item is omitted from a shipment, the $3 order fee is waived so you can reorder that item without penalty. (Our site is updated regularly to show which items are temporarily out-of-stock. Out-of-stock items show as "TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE" in the item's DETAILED description, and main description will begin with 3 asterisks ( *** ). If you order an item shown as temporarily unavailable, it will be deleted automatically from your order when processed, unless the item has just become available again.

All glasses are sold as manufactured by their respective manufacturer, and subject to variations from batch to batch, including imperfections in the rolling process.  Photos of the glasses are supplied by the manufacturers and may or may not accurately represent true colors, densities, etc.  All manufacturers include a note on photo accuracies on their web site.  You should be familiar with each manufacturer's typical surface textures, densities, and typical color distributions before ordering so as not to be surprised.  Each manufacturer differs in the type and style of glass they make.

Shipping Information

All products are shipped from our warehouse in northern California (zip 94540) by United Parcel Service (UPS) as default shipping mode, or by Postal (USPS) modes at your option.  The ACTUAL net freight cost we incur to ship your order will be charged to your credit card.

Domestic U.S. destinations are shipped by GROUND as default mode, unless you choose a valid more expensive and faster mode for your destination. (2nd Day Air arrives 2 days after the shipment date, Next Day Air arrives 1 day after shipment date.)

   All other destinations are shipped by lowest cost rate offered by UPS (usually Air) as default mode:

AK, HI, PR are shipped via the new UPS "Ground" mode as default.  GU, VI are shipped UPS WorldWide Air as default. See below for optional Postal shipment to these destinations and APO and FPO addresses.

DOMESTIC delivery refusals are treated as undamaged merchandise returns and are subject to terms shown on the Returns/Shortages page.

International Shipments:  ALL shipments to international destinations may incur duties, VAT, and other local customs and/or broker fees which are the responsibility of the customer. Before placing order, call your local United Parcel Service office, postal and/or customs offices to learn what additional local charges for these items may be due upon delivery.  Our web site does not offer a shipping cost estimate to destinations other than the U.S. and Canada.  It is your responsibility to obtain the shipping estimate cost from either United Parcel Service (UPS) or the United States Postal Service (USPS).

INTERNATIONAL delivery refusals will result in your package being abandoned if you don't arrange with the carrier to pay for return freight in advance.  We do not accept charges for return freight on such refusals.  Be aware that you will lose your shipment with no chance of refund from us nor your credit card if you refuse an international shipment from us and did not arrange in advance to pay return freight. 

   Canada is shipped via UPS "Canada Standard" -- a ground mode, by default.  See below for optional Postal shipment to Canada.  Note: For UPS shipments, a broker fee for each order valued over $20 (Canadian), along with any Canadian taxes, will be collected when delivered.  Example of typical fees as of 11/2014 for brokering your international shipment into Canada: none for orders under $20 Canadian (C$), ~$7 C$ for orders valued $20-$40 C$, ~$20 C$ for orders valued $40-$100 C$, ~$29 C$ for orders valued $100-$200 C$, etc.), PLUS Canadian taxes (customs/VAT taxes). These charges can not be charged by us to your credit card -- YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THEM WHEN YOUR SHIPMENT IS DELIVERED. You can call UPS-Canada at 800-742-5877 for more detailed information. (IF your shipment was by UPS Air, the freight includes the broker fee, but probably not the customs taxes.)

Other International Destinations are shipped via the lowest cost WorldWide AIR mode by default.  WorldWide Expedited, if offered to a foreign country, is less expensive than WorldWide Express -- both are really expensive, so be sure to check the rates at  When delivered, UPS will collect any duties, VAT, and other local customs fees.  (These can not be pre-paid by us and are not charged to your credit card when we ship your order.)

As a lower cost option for International destinations, we offer Postal Express International and, if available, Postal Priority Mail International for shipments.  A $6 service charge is added to each order shipped via Priority Intntl. or Express Intntl. for customs documents preparation. This is in addition to the postal rates, plus 7.5%, shown at for your country -- still a lot less expensive than UPS Air rates.  Be aware that you are at risk if package is lost on postal modes -- no insurance is purchased for Priority Intntl. shipments valued less than $30; Express Intntl. rates include insurance for the first $100, and additional insurance is purchased if value exceeds the $100. max covered by the post office on this mode, and none on Global Priority.
To choose these less expensive postal shipping modes, choose them from the shipping mode menu on the final Order Summary page.

Your request for postal Express International or Priority International mode indicates your acceptance of this risk of loss, and requires you to pursue all claims, if any, with the U.S. Post Office and/or your local postal offices.  All UPS shipments are automatically insured for the replacement value of goods....that's why UPS air shipments cost more.

[Note:  UPS is United Parcel Service; USPS is the United States Postal Service.]

POSTAL Shipments offered to AK, HI, PR, Canada, and APO, FPO, VI, GU

If you want your packages shipped postal (USPS) Priority Mail or Express Mail choose them from the shipping mode menu on the final Order Summary page.
Be aware that you are at risk if package is lost on postal modes -- no insurance is offered on the first $30 of Priority Mail (Express Mail is automatically insured up to $100 with additional insurance purchased for value over $100).  Your selection of either postal mode indicates your acceptance of this risk of loss, and requires you to pursue all claims, if any, with the U.S. Post Office and/or other local postal authorities.  All UPS shipments are automatically insured for the replacement value of goods....that's why UPS shipments cost more.  As for UPS, 7.5% is added to the net postal costs to cover administrative costs for postal (USPS) shipments.  If you chose to ship to AK, HI, PR, GU, VI, or Canada by Priority/Express Mail, you can ship to a P.O. Box.  You can get freight estimates for postal shipments to these destinations at

Note: Deliveries to remote locations in
AK often take much longer than on the "2nd" day, even though the UPS rate (and postal Express) is noted as "2nd Day Air".  For remote destinations, check the Transit Time at from our zip code (94540) to your zipcode for details on UPS shipments, and on postal shipments.

For APO and FPO addresses, the default shipping mode is Priority Mail since UPS can not deliver to these addresses (and Express Mail no longer offered for Military Mail).  Priority Mail carries no insurance.  Be aware you are at risk if package is lost -- no insurance is offered on Priority Mail shipments.  Because APO and FPO addresses require a customs form, $6 is charged for this manual documentation.  You can get freight estimates for postal APO/FPO shipments at

For GU or VI addresses, if you want your order shipped by USPS Priority Mail (only for 4 lbs. or less) or USPS Express Mail, choose these modes from the shipping mode menu box on the final Order Summary page.


Before you submit your order, you will get an estimate of what the net UPS freight cost will be on the final Order Summary page (where you enter your credit card and you click the Submit Order button).  The estimated net UPS freight cost is provided for U.S. and Canada destinations only, and shown on line beginning with "ESTIMATES".  Keep in mind that the ACTUAL net UPS cost might be slightly different than the estimate shown, based on how order is packed.  In most cases, the actual amount is less than the estimate shown. (Situations where actual freight is greater than the estimate almost always is caused by order having oversize items like large molds or long items like 24" cutting squares, etc. because the estimator is based only on weight and not size of items ordered.)

For other destinations or situations where size of items ordered is a key factor in determining freight cost, click the "UPS - Get Cost Est." link in our left menu which has instructions, or click here to go to the UPS Cost estimator in a new window: Quick Cost Calculator  (Note: If the value of your order is over $100, add $0.50 (min. $1.50) for each additional $100 in value for insurance that is purchased for all shipments over $100 in value -- the basic rate already covers the first $100.)  The net UPS charged to your order is the actual amount we are charged by UPS plus 7.5% to cover the UPS service charges and other fees we incur to ship your order.  Domestic shipments are priced per box; International shipments are priced by total weight. Our warehouse's zipcode: 94540.

For more accurate rates, particularly if requesting air freight estimates, enter box dimensions.  We use these box sizes: 7x7x7, 12x10x4, 12x10x7, 12x11x10, 18x12x(6,8,10,or 12), 15x15x13, 29x17x8, and when necessary, 20x20x15 or 28x16x14 that result in a UPS oversize charge to you ("billable weight" is 30 lbs. minimum for both Ground and Air modes).  Our single glass shipper is 19x15x5 for up to 10 lts; 20x16x9 for 11-13 lts; and a double shipper for 14-26 lts is 19x15x10.  Our came shipper is 36x4x4.  All air shipments (domestic & international) are also priced by volume.  Hence, a 5 lb. air shipment may be billed at 10 lbs. ("billable weight") if required to be shipped in a large box relative to its weight.  For the glass shipper, minimum billable weight is 9 lbs which is weight for shipper and 3 sheets of glass. Hence, if only 1 sheet is ordered, freight will be same as if 3 sheets ordered. The UPS Estimator at always computes the correct rate when you enter box sizes.

Freight costs can be an unpleasant surprise if you are making a small order or ordering very heavy inexpensive items like lead cames.  UPS charges for EACH box, based on weight and distance, and costs are loaded heavily on low weight packages, and increase slightly for each additional pound for that package.  For example, ordering just 1 book weighing 1/3 pound, going to Chicago, will be charged for the minimum 1 pound rate (always rounded UP to nearest full pound -- maybe that's why it's called UPs) and will cost about $8-$9 in freight.  But if the package weighs 10 pounds, cost is about $11-$12.  Also, remember that glass & cames are always shipped in a separate box ... so if you are ordering supplies AND glass, EACH box is charged freight separately.  Our UPS cost estimator for U.S. and Canada destinations takes this into consideration when estimating your order's freight.  (If you are ordering glass plus a few thin items (less than 1/2" thick) like a book or two, or a glass cutter for example, we'll try (solely at our option) to ship these small items in with the glass only if, in our judgment, it can be done without risk to the glass.  When combined, the actual freight will be considerably less than the estimate shown.)

If you would like to see the Time in Transit for a UPS shipment from us to you, click here to see Map of Typical Delivery Days, or for more precise time estimate to your specific address, go to the UPS Delivery Time estimator:  UPS Delivery Times .  Enter just our zipcode (94540), ship date, and your zipcode.  It will then show you when a package will be delivered for each shipping mode.

In most cases, the net UPS cost is less than the time & cost of driving to a store!  When shipped, you will be e-mailed a shipment confirmation file, in PDF format, showing the actual charges to your credit card and the UPS tracking numbers for your packages. Use these tracking numbers to track each package at (click link on left side of

Surcharges for Special Packaging Requirements:

Glass:  You are charged for each glass shipper required for your order, depending on number of sheets:
           1 - 13 sheets: $8 per shipper;       14 or more sheets: $7 per shipper. <--NEW $1 less per box!
Each shipper holds up to thirteen 12" x 16" lites.  For orders with 14-26 lites, two cartons can be taped together and shipped safely as a single package to further reduce freight cost per sq.ft.  Note: Some glass manufacturers have odd full lite glass sizes, requiring us to offer a slightly smaller sheet size than 12"x16".... check the sheet size by clicking the picture in the online catalog.
Metal Cames & Rebars: For less than case quantities, $3 is charged for each came shipper needed (up to 25 lbs./shipper), and the normal 6' lengths are cut in half (two 3' lengths) to avoid the UPS Oversized Package minimum 30 lb. rate plus their $10.50 over 48" service charge. Full-case quantities of cames are prepackaged and are not charged the $3 shipper packaging surcharge, nor cut in half. ( Single full sized cases are still charged the 30 lb. min. oversized package rate when under 30 lbs. plus the $10.50 service charge for packages over 48" in length.  Oversize and special handling charges are in ADDITION to the freight estimates provided by the online ordering system that are based solely on weight.)

Address Corrections, Address Redirections, and Delivery Verifications:  UPS charges $11 for each package if the address you provide needs correction for them to make the delivery.  UPS charges $11 for any request to deliver a package to an address different from that on the label. (More rarely, cases have been reported where this charge has resulted from customer leaving note on door to deliver package to a neighbor.) Lastly, in some cases UPS charges additional fees for such things as Delivery Verifications requested by the customer who placed order.

Customer agrees to be charged for all such subsequent additional charges that we incur from UPS to effect the delivery of your order, plus a 7.5% handling fee.  Customer's credit card will be charged the actual charges, plus 7.5%, and customer will be notified of such charges by e-mail to the address submitted with order.

   We are a
Proud Sponsor of:

A website dedicated to teaching American Sign Language for communicating with the deaf.
A non-profit organization dedicated to offering help, hope and healing to abused, abandoned, neglected,
handicapped or otherwise
troubled children.

Laptops for the Wounded
Laptops for
the Wounded

A volunteer group started by a
mother of a returning soldier
from Iraq who was so grateful
for her son's safe return that
she wanted to help those less
fortunate in our VA hospitals.
ISGS donated a Sony PlayStation2 and 5 new
games for the wounded
soldiers in hospital.
A non-profit that allows you
to make $25 loans to low-
income entrepreneurs in the developing world.
Also known as Microfinance.
By doing so, individuals like
you provide affordable working
capital for the poor (money to
buy a sewing machine, tools,
livestock, water pump, etc.),
empowering them to earn
their way out of poverty.
A non-profit therapeutic
horseback riding program for
the benefit of people who are
physically, emotionally or
mentally challenged.
Sierra Stained Glass Studios
donated an 8' dome to the
Luther family episode of
Extreme Makeover:       
            Home EditIon
and donated two stained
glass panels to their annual
fund-raising auction.

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