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Instructional Articles

These "How To...." articles were written for our students in our stained glass class. We thought they may be helpful to our I.S.G.S. customers in their quest for better skills in executing this wonderful craft.  They are text articles and available here in Acrobat PDF format for you to download.

Just Right-Click (Mac: click and hold) the Download button below each article to save that PDF file to your hard drive.  When you Right-Click the button, your browser will open a dialog box asking you what you want to do with the file.  Choose: Save Target As.. (Internet Explorer), or Save This Link As.. (Netscape), or Download Link To.. (AOL).  Next it asks where you want to save the file.  We suggest you select your "Desktop" so you can find it when downloaded.  Then click the Save button to begin the download.  When done, you will see the PDF file somewhere on your desktop. Just double-click it to start up Acrobat Reader for viewing and/or printing the article.

If you are a stained glass instructor, you are welcome to print and distribute these articles to your students as a technical reference so long as you provide them free of charge as part of your class program and print them in their entirety.


This article describes the techniques of soldering.  While written for our class students as reference for their first project -- a simple lead came project -- the understanding of the principles of timing and temperature also will help a student doing the Copper Foil method.


This article describes all the steps needed to putty (weatherize and strengthen) a leaded project.  This article was published years ago, with permission from the author, in both Glass Patterns Quarterly and Glass Craftsmen magazines.

As time permits, we will add more articles to this library of instructional reference. In the meantime, you may want to consider taking a stained glass class from the professionals in your local area.  Just look in your Yellow Pages under "Glass - Stained and Leaded" or "Stained & Leaded Glass."  Many local Junior Colleges or city Parks & Recreation departments also offer classes, often taught by local professionals.

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Laptops for
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